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Om Zeichen


If you want to create a

beautiful world

please speak about it,
write about it
dream of it
write a story,
sing a song,
and paint it!


Do not miss any opportunity!


Instead of speaking about a world
in which you do not want to live in
speak about the world
you want to live in.

Today the world looks like it does
because we lost the

art of dreaming

and the art to

live in our dream!

(Sri Vast)

Om Zeichen



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Retreat in IndiaFlügel klein

Nada Yoga Retreat in Tamil Nadu, South India
11. – 17. February 2013

with sound, voicework,  yoga and meditation


The retreat focusses on voice and body work introducing the south indian art of singing with kirtanas, ragas, talas based on the traditional knowledge of  Nada – the Yoga of Sound
Hatha Yoga, Inner Yoga and Satsangs with the Master Guruji Sri Vast will be offered in the Ashram and there is a wellbeing centre for ayurvedic massages and other treatments. There also will be excursions to holy places (Auroville, Thiruvannamalai)



be sound ! is a Nada Yoga in the Realm of Sound

refers to the beauty and wisdom within the south-indian raga and tala, based on the groundtone „SA“representing the eternal „OM“. It is a pathway to the own natural voice and will bring you to a place, where you feel deeply connected and home inside sourself. This has various benefits for health and spirit

  • it helps to find the own natural voice beyond judging „right“ or „wrong“
  • it is about coummunicating with one’s own soul and singing from there
  • it helps to really sence life in the very moment and so can stopp the everlasting thinking process
  • encourages creativity and the very own sence of musicality

be sound ! focusses on

  • listening – sounding – singing
  • tuning into the sound of the presence
  • awareness of  breath and body in voice and movement
  • experiencing connection between sencing, feeling, hearing
  • develloping trust in the own sences and experiences
  • sound and voice a in communication
  • and of course singing mantras, kirtanas and devotional songs

Language as required German and/or English

Website of  Sri Vast Ashram
Please ask for more information here


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